Anna Jurmu


When Anna Jurmu was still in high school, she decided she wanted to pursue a career in medicine. She knew she wanted to interact with patients but she wasn’t interested in nursing. Her aunt is a dentist and that eventually inspired Jurmu to look into Dental Assisting. Jurmu quickly liked what she saw. “When I looked up dental assisting I saw how easy it was to get a job in the field. I thought, this is great, the thing I want to do—there are jobs there.

Hennepin Technical College offers a Dental Assistant program at both its Eden Prairie and Brooklyn Park campuses, both of which are close to Jurmu’s home. Unlike other Dental Assistant programs in the area, HTC’s program can be completed in just twelve months with summer school courses. These qualities made the HTC program an obvious choice and it turned out to be a very good one. “I liked the hands-on part of the program the most,” Jurmu explains. “We had real patients come into the clinic.  It was cool to actually do the work we were learning about.”

When she was still a few weeks out from graduation earlier this year, Jurmu was faced with an unusual dilemma. “I ended up having three job offers to decide between, which is a very good problem to have.” Jurmu eventually decided on one in the Park Dental system in a general dentistry practice. This too, proved to be a wise choice. “I like being in a general practice because we see a lot of different patients with a lot of different needs,” Jurmu says. “I like the variety.”

When asked to describe a typical day at work, Jurmu pauses. She assists with fillings, crowns, and denture fittings. She does radiographs and administers fluoride. One Saturday a month she does pediatric cleanings. There is no typical day and that’s one of the things Jurmju likes most about her job. “I’m not too much of a pattern person,” she laughs. “I like to change things up.”

When she graduated from HTC in June 2014, Jurmu already had a job secured and a hands-on education under her belt.  Less than a year later she continues to enjoy the fruits of her HTC education. “I really love what I’m doing,” Jurmu says. With a new career that combines day-to-day variety with excellent job security, it’s not hard to see why.

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