Mike Patterson


When Mike Patterson was young he thought that radio was a kind of magic. He was drawn to the voices he heard every day and he wanted to know how exactly so many people heard the same voice, the same songs, at the same time. Eventually, that sustained fascination led him to become part of the magic.

“The first time I heard about HTC was from a commercial on the radio actually,” said Patterson, who grew up in Minnesota. “I spoke to a counselor and I really liked the flexible schedule, hands-on curriculum, and small class sizes they were offering.” As an audio production major at HTC, Patterson had the chance to dive into the world of sound developing a well-rounded understanding of production, acoustics, and studio design.

“One of the best things about HTC is the faculty,” said Patterson. “They really want you to succeed and they take pride in your work.” While Patterson has many positive things to say about HTC faculty in general, instructor Matt Holmes stands out. Patterson credits Holmes with deepening his understanding of all things audio. In talking to Holmes, it’s clear that the respect is mutual. 

“I remember in one of the first days of class Mike talking about wanting to be involved with voice-over recording. I don’t hear that kind of specific vision from students very often.” Holmes appreciated the passion and curiosity with which Patterson approached his class. “He was always asking questions and had a genuine desire to learn more about the concepts and techniques.”

Audio Production Soundboard

Patterson didn’t just develop a broad understanding of sound production in the classroom; he also had a chance to put his knowledge to work. For his final project at HTC, Patterson had the opportunity to create a complete sound environment in film, something he was deeply drawn to. “I got to work on a scene for the film V for Vendetta. We stripped a video of all the audio, mixed in dialogue, voice-over, music, and sound effects.”

In his final year at HTC, Patterson accepted an internship at Clear Channel Radio now iHeartMedia Incorporated. The internship built on his HTC education allowed him to apply the hands-on skills he was learning in a real-world setting. When he was offered a job at iHeartMedia after graduation, Patterson quickly accepted. Patterson now works as a board operator and producer helping to maintain six area radio stations. Over the years, Patterson has had a chance to do a little of everything with duties that have included board operation, daily production, music selection, and even occasional voice-over work.

What Patterson finds most rewarding about his job is that it is always changing, opening new opportunities to grow, and learn with the developing technology. “It’s corny to say, but it doesn’t feel like a job. I feel like I haven’t worked since I left HTC.”

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