HTC Graduate Ashley Winzig

HTC Ford ASSET Program Graduate Ashley Winzig


As the only female Ford technician at the Ford-Lincoln dealership in Apple Valley, Ashley stands out.  Most of the time she doesn’t even think about it, but every once in a while she has to deal with a customer who doesn’t believe women should be working on vehicles in a shop setting. “It’s not about the people who are telling me I can’t,” she explains. “It’s about the people who are telling me I can.”

Ashley is one of only a handful of women to graduate from HTC’s Ford ASSET program and is also the youngest woman ever to earn a Senior Master Ford certification. “I was told by instructors and managers that I was more or less a pioneer for other women,” Winzig laughs. “But it’s not really all about gender.”

When Winzig enrolled in HTC’s Ford ASSET program, she found a mentor who saw past her ponytail; program administrator Drew Goddard. When asked to describe him, Winzig doesn’t stop to think. “He’s basically awesome,” she says. Although Winzig graduated from HTC in 2013, she and Goddard still stay in touch and he occasionally stops by to visit her at work like he does with many former students.

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