Cory Lyver

For HTC graduate Cory Lyver, making a decision about career training wasn’t something he took lightly, but he didn’t get to choose the timing.  After serving as a mechanic in the Army, he worked for a national auto body repair chain, but when all hourly workers were let go, he lost his job.

“I had two kids and no job, but I had my GI Bill benefits, so I decided to go back to school,” says Lyver, who completed 12 years in the National Guard. He researched options for training and decided to follow his interest and his experience.

“I have a passion for cars,” says Lyver, who lives in Watertown, Minnesota. With his mechanic experience in the Army National Guard, he believed that he knew what it would take to be successful. Touring both HTC campuses, he really liked the auto body program. Lyver completed a year of general studies at HTC and then began the two-year auto body collision technology program, graduating in 2013.

Explaining his decision, Lyver says, “I figured, if I’m going to be working for the next 20 years, I might as well do something I enjoy.” He credits HTC instructors Tom Phillips and Ron Furchner with providing a class structure that prepared him for success on the job. In addition, he liked the atmosphere at the college.  

Cory Lyver

“I really enjoyed the diversity at HTC,” says Lyver. “I met a lot of different people I wouldn’t ordinarily get to meet, and I’ve kept up some of those relationships since I graduated.”  It all adds to Lyver’s belief that the college provides an environment that supports students.  

“The level of help and understanding was unparalleled,” says Lyver, in describing his experience at HTC. “The expertise of the instructors and the personal support really set the college apart.”

Lyver is employed at Hopkins Auto Body Shop in Hopkins, Minnesota, which is where he completed his internship during his final year at HTC. He says he has been able to move up the pay scale as he gained experience at the shop.

“When I graduated, I felt ready to begin my career,” says Lyver. “When my boss would give me a wreck to work on, I felt confident I could get it done.” In the future, he wants to keep up on all the technical aspects of auto body work, adding, “I want to advance my career so I can pay off my house.”  

With hard work and the skills he gained at HTC, Cory Lyver has turned his interest in cars into a career he is counting on for long-term success.

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