Gina Reed


“Everyone says that people make the place, and that’s definitely true at HTC,” says Gina Reed as she describes what has made the biggest impression on her as a student at the college. “The staff is amazing, and with small class sizes, the instructors are really able to help you reach your full potential.”  Her educational goals brought her to HTC in 2009, and she will graduate with two A.A.S. degrees – one in graphic design and the other in interactive design video production – in 2014.

“I was always interested in graphic design and with technology changing so rapidly, it seemed like a two-year college was a better choice than a four-year college,” she explains. Her search was focused and she had a clear idea of what she wanted.

“I think I called every college in the Twin Cities -- because I wanted to check their prices and I wanted to see how friendly the staff was,” recalls Reed. “HTC was the most helpful, and the least expensive.”  Best of all, as a student, Reed quickly acquired the skills to begin a job at The Nerdery, an interactive production shop in Minneapolis that helps companies create interactive marketing programs.  

Gina Reed

“One of my instructors mentioned the company a lot, so I checked it out and they were hiring,” says Reed, who joined the company in 2010 as a quality assurance engineer. “Even though I’m not designing right now, my understanding of it is super helpful.” She’s glad to put her skills to work as she gains industry experience, and she has found that her HTC training helps her communicate effectively. 

“I can connect with the designers because I speak their language,” says Reed, who notes that HTC instructors have taught her important lessons she has used on the job.   

“One of the most valuable things I’ve learned is the importance of being resourceful,” recounts Reed, quoting the instructor who advised her class: “Be resourceful. When you get in the work world, there’s no book to follow.” With instructors who offer real-world advice about problem-solving in the creative process, Reed believes HTC offers students an advantage that makes a difference.    

“I would encourage students to build a relationship with their instructor,” offers Reed, thinking of her own good advice for students. “Working with them, you’ll achieve your highest potential and become the best in the field.”

For Gina Reed, the people at Hennepin Technical College have made it a great place to build the skills for designing a successful career.

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