Landscape, Horticulture and Greenhouses
  • Class Time: Day and Evening
  • Semester: Fall or Spring Semester
  • Campus: Brooklyn Park Campus
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Do you want to turn your interest in landscaping and horticulture into a career? Then start at HTC, where classroom instruction and hands-on experience are combined to prepare you for opportunities to grow. From the basics of landscape and horticulture education to specifics of landscape design and construction, greenhouse operations, arboriculture and more, you'll gain a world of knowledge. You'll be planting the seeds of success when you start at HTC.

Skills Required

Job Outlook

Possible job titles include: Landscape Designer, Greenhouse Manager, Arborist

Gainful Employment Disclosure:

  • Aboriculture Certificate
  • Landscape Construction Certificate
  • Landscape Design and Construction Diploma
  • Landscape/Horticulture Diploma
  • Greenhouse Technician Certificate
  • Landscape Computer Design Certificate
  • Professional Gardening Certificate