HTC collects information in a variety of ways. Listed below are the results of a variety of surveys conducted at HTC . Surveys will be administerd on a rotational basis beginning with the FY12 year. Please see the calendar for administration located under the About Office of Institutional Reseach for further information on the dates surveys will be administered.

CCSSE (Community College Survey of Student Engagement)

Administered through the Center for Community College Engagment at the University of Texas, Austin, this survey focuses on the student's engagment with the institution.  This survey indicates what is working and what needs improvement in the area of student activities and engagment with faculty, staff and fellow students.  The survey is adminsitered every two years.   There is comparison data for MnSCU institutions.







Employee Satisfaction Survey
The Human Resources Department conducted the online Employee Satsifaction Survey annually from 2009-2011. The Survey was administerd by C-Vent. Beginning 2012, the survey will be given every two years and will be administered through the OIR.  Composite results are present here.

In Spring term of 2013 HTC shifted the instrument to measure Employee Satisfaction to the Personal Assessment of the College Environment (PACE). This shift allowed for comparison data not only with national institutions but also within the MnSCU community. The 2013 data is the first administraton of this survey, and it will be on an alternate year cycle- every 2 years.





Graduate Statistics
Hennepin Technical College's (HTC) Career Services annually conducts a Graduate Follow-up Survey of all HTC graduates using the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) guideline. The surveys are collected in print format, by telephone and online. The summary report is based on data of the total number of graduate majors rather than the number of individuals graduated. An individual awarded a double major will be counted in each major. Results of the past four years survey are posted here.

Graduate  Follow-up Survey Placement Results


Graduate Employer Survey Results

Each year following the MnSCU Graduate Follow-up Survey, identified employers from our recent graduates are surveyed regarding their satisfaction and prepardedness of our graduates. The results of those surveys are here.

Noel-Levitz  SSI (Student Satisfaction Inventory)

Executive Summary
Standard Report
2006-2011 Year to Year Institutional Report
(Latter file is also available via request by emailing the IR Office) 

SENSE (Survey of Entering Student Engagement)
Administered through the Center for Community College Student Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin, this information focuses on new students to HTC. This survey provides information on what is working and what needs improvement in our student's earliest experiences with the college. 



The 2008 administration of SENSE was a national pilot. Results reflect frequencies for HTC and the other colleges that were administered the survey nationally.  Following 2008,  reporting methods have been refined and will be reflected in future administrations of this instrument.

Summary Frequencies

Student Quality Survey
A locally designed instrument administerd in the spring of 2011 and repeated in the fall of 2011.  The executive summary contains comparison data for both spring and fall.

IPEDS (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System) Feedback Reports
The IPEDS Feedback report allows for comparison of HTC to other similar institutions on a variety of data points.  All the data contained in the feedback report is collected from the institutions IPEDS reporting.


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