Nothing is more important to us than the future. Hennepin Technical College's mission has always been focused on students and the transformation of our community and progress. However, it is good to know that HTC has a solid foundation and rest assured that we will continue our history of innovation for many years to come.



The Minnesota Legislature passes Statute, Chapter 822, which allows school districts to band together to establish and operate a school in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area to offer a cooperative program of secondary, post secondary and adult vocational education.




Legislation passes which enables the formations of a cooperative organization structure for vocational technical education among all of the independent school districts in suburban Hennepin County (Independant School District 287).




Joint Independent School District 287 begins building two vocational schools. One in Eden Prairie and one in Brooklyn Park.


Ground Breaking



Suburban Hennepin County Area Vocational Technical Centers officially opens two campuses in the fall. Over 1,000 students are enrolled in 45 different programs that first year.




Suburban Hennepin County Area Vocational Technical Centers changes its name to Hennepin Technical Centers.




Hennepin Technical Centers changes its name to Hennepin Technical Institute.




Hennepin Technical Institute changes its name to Hennepin Technical College.




The Minnesota Legislature passes legislation mandating a merger of technical colleges, community colleges and state university systems.




Intermediate School District 287 and Hennepin Technical College become two different organizations. A Hennepin Technical College president is hired, named Sharon Grossbach. College employees now work for the State of Minnesota. Minnesota's technical colleges, community colleges and state universities join together and form the Minnesota State College and University System.





A logo is created for Hennepin Technical College.
HTC Logo




All Minnesota State College and University System institutions convert to a semester schedule.




Hennepin Technical College partners with Metropolitan State University and builds a Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Education Center. This new state-of-the-art facility located at the Brooklyn Park Campus serves as a training center for the entire Twin Cities area and beyond.




New logo created.


HTC Logo



HTC undergoes its largest construction project yet. Both the Brooklyn Park and Eden Prairie Campuses are simaltaniously renovated. Area being updated include the receptionist area and main entrance, safety/security, admissions, registration, tuition, counseling/advising, transfer office, financial aid, placement testing, call center, office services, several deans offices,  student senate ofice, institutional advancement, trio, veterans center, student computer labs, bookstore and library.

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